Conference objectives:

Convene all the stakeholders to discuss accurate cost analyses in health care;
Share TDABC in healthcare experiences and challenges;
Connect researchers, healthcare providers, industry and administrators;
Provide education on various aspects of TDABC;
Launch the cost standard set initiative in the global community. Broader goals:
To engage the academic community to improve the quality of cost measurement in health care; To motivate all stakeholders in advancing cost applications and solutions in healthcare;
To expand the expert network for cost assessment in healthcare.


Conference format:
The conference will include 2 activities: 


Create the cost standard set initiative at an in-person meeting in Lisbon, Portugal led by the cost standard set committee - Day 27;

An international conference of experts from the USA, Latin America and Europe with in-person speakers in Lisbon and the audience participating on-line and in-person - Day 28;




Scientific and Standard set Committees 

The conference is being coordinated by the Scientific Committee:

Carisi Anne Polanczyk - Brazil | National Institute for Health Technology Assessment and Way2Value
Ana Paula Beck da Silva Etges - Brazil | National Institute for Health Technology Assessment and Way2Value
Anne Geubelle - Portugal | Prologica and Way2Value
Robert Kaplan - United States | Harvard Business School
Richard Urman - United States | Brigham and Women's Hospital
Junaid Nabi - United States | Harvard Business School
Fred van Eenennaam - Netherlands | The Decision Group

For the cost standard set a second committee with members with expertise in TDABC from several countries was created:

Ana Rita Londral - Portugal | NOVA and Value for Health CoLAB
Prakash Jayakumar - United States | Dell Medical School
Joana Siqueira de Souza - Brazil | Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul
David Walcott - Jamaica | Novamed
Kees Ahaus - Netherlands | Erasmus School of Health Policy & Management (ESHPM)
Alan Brace - United Kingdon | Swansea University School of Management
Jan Hazelzet - Netherlands | Erasmus University Medical Center
Carolina Aguilar - Netherlands | Inbrain Neuroeletronics
Andreas Zuckermann - Austria | Medical University of Vienna
Gerardine Doyle - Ireland | UCD College of Business|University College Dublin
Derek Haas - United States | Avantgarde Health


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